The other Hollywood sign

IMG_1632Cecilia Rasmussen writes in today’s L.A. Times of the other landmark Hollywood sign, “the hidden one, whose red neon letters were once as familiar as the larger sign just across the canyon.”

The sign that read “Outpost” in neon letters 30 feet high was, like the original “Hollywoodland” sign, raised up to publicize a new housing development, Hillside Homes of Happiness.

Anyone who hikes in Runyon Canyon has likely stumbled across the mangled, rusted wreckage of this sign. A few years ago someone had even erected a display case telling the story of the sign, which, unfortunately, has recently fallen victim to taggers and other vandals.

I took the photo above of some of the remains a couple years ago. After the jump, some shots of the display case pre-vandals. For more on the history of the sign, check out Cecilia’s article.






6 thoughts on “The other Hollywood sign”

  1. i love your city, if I could just figure out how you people manage to afford living there ,Id move in a heart beat. As it is I make it out once a year for a week or 2. Always enjoy reading little known stories and snippets of LA. I’ll be back.

  2. Midtown – It’s worth figuring out how to make it work. Due to family matters I left Los Angeles (specifically Franklin & La Brea) 7 months ago for a tiny town in Washington. Sometimes I am OK with the move. And then there are times when I see pics like these and I burst into tears. I love Los Angeles. It feels like home. If blood doesn’t prove to be thicker than smog I am in a heap of trouble.

  3. Do you have full-resolution versions of these? 600×800 text is not really readable without straining… gimme megapixels. :P

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