Vote LA onto the Global Monopoly board

go200.pngFrom our Suggest A Story box, where Filip wrote in to tell us that Parker Brothers (whoops! I guess it is Hasbro now) is coming out with a Global edition of Monopoly and holding a vote to determine which cities will be on the board. There are 68 options, or you can write in your favorite as a “Wild Card.” The top twenty, plus two Wild Cards, will be on the board.

Los Angeles is currently #42. Voting is only open till the end of the month, and you can vote for up to 10 cities, once per day. Go vote!

4 thoughts on “Vote LA onto the Global Monopoly board”

  1. Holy crap, how did that happen, only #42? Are too busy chasing the train wreck celeb of the hour to miss this important vote? We need to get busy!

  2. The abbreviation debate is irrelevant to the voting. The tab is “Los Angeles, United States”. So we can just vote away.

    Annika…you crack me up, I’m with you mostly because it has been “LA” in print for longer than the postal service made that their abbreviation for the state.

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