Ticket Giveaway: Rhys Darby DVD Taping, Sunday 2/17. Ginger Balls, Live!!!1!!1!


If you’ve ever seen Flight of the Conchords, you know and love their long-suffering manager Murray “Ginger Balls” Hewitt, imbued with genius by Rhys Darby.

Darby is filming a DVD of stand-up material at the El Rey and we’ve teamed up with Goldenvoice to give away three pairs of tickets so y’all can get your Ginger Balls on. They’re doing two shows for the taping; we’ve got one pair for the 7:00 show and two for the 10:00 show.

To claim the tickets, comment below with your favorite Murray-ism. If you’ve got a preference for which show, put it in there, along with a valid email address.

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16 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Rhys Darby DVD Taping, Sunday 2/17. Ginger Balls, Live!!!1!!1!”

  1. I can’t word for word but its from the BBC FOTC Radio Show. Bret purchases a bow an arrow knowing Murray’s disapproval. Bret shoots himself in the arm. They go to the hospital to find its a 3 hour wait so Murray decides they should leave and come back in three hours. Needless to say he realizes they should have stayed at the hospital.

  2. “if you are gonna have some sort of rap name just be careful you don’t do a drive by” (7pm)

  3. “if you are gonna have some sort of rap name just be careful you don’t do a drive by” (7pm)

  4. My favourite requires the context….

    Jemaine: “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”
    Murray: “….that’s irrelevant, it’s stupid. the chicken obviously!”
    Brett: “well where did the chicken come from?”
    Murray: “well it came from the- … ahhhhh”
    Brett: “yeah you see, the egg.”

    **********Murray: “YOU’re the egg. You’re a BAD egg. You’ve derailed this meeting with another obscure comment…” ********** (7pm)

  5. Murray: I’ve told you when you’re in a band, you don’t get with your band mates girlfriends, past or present. You get in a love triangle, you know? You get a Fleetwood Mac situation. Although there was four of them so more of a love square, but no one gives on. They did do some of their best music back then.
    Bret: Rumours
    Murray: No, that’s all true.

  6. While handing out I (Heart) NY shirts, maps and hats to Jemaine and Bret Murray puts on a hat, and in his best faux-NY accent says “I’m wokin’ here!”

  7. Calling roll for a band meeting.
    Murray: “C’mon, band meeting. Bret?”
    Bret: “Present.”
    Murray: “Germaine?”
    Germaine: “Present.”
    Murray: “Murray? Present.”

    That cracks me up every single time.

  8. I also enjoy the band meeting roll calls. This was a good one, when Murray was kind of pissed off. (Misspellings are an attempt to capture the NZ accent).

    Murray: Okay, band meeting. Murray, prisint. Brit, prisint. Jemaine, prisint. Alright, I haven’t got time for your time-wasting.

    (10 pm)

  9. You get a love triangle. You know? Fleetwood Mac situation. Well, there was four of them, so more of a love square, but you know, no one gets on.
    (either show would be great!)

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