16 thoughts on “I’m a hop head”

  1. oh… I have something stupidier than that… How about you can’t drink until 21 but you can buy a gun at walmart… modern america…

  2. A great piece on the history of these ephedrine control tactics and the greater war on drugs was run in Rolling Stone a couple months back:


    The short version is that real, effective, meth-reduction policies were consistently derailed by the cough-syrup industry until the only options left are both cumbersome and worthless.

  3. Except I seriously doubt the meth heads are standing in line at the Costco and getting checked against any lists.

    I believe they get theirs the old fashioned way: Stealing.

  4. Bulls-Eye Rutz…there was a rash of robberies at convenience stores this spring where stolen cars were crashed into rite-aids and the like after hours and the bandits made out with the old antihistamine stash. Sounds like the work of a meth kitchen to me.

  5. I believe they get theirs the old fashioned way: Stealing.

    Maybe now, but before they changed the way it was retailed they really did go stand in line and legally buy huge quantities. Now they can’t do that, and they can’t shoplift it either.

    Considering that you used to need a prescription to buy Claritin D, having to wait in line and show an ID seems pretty easy to me.

  6. How is it a privacy infringement, Markland? We’re talking about a controlled substance here. My mom has liver disease and is on pain patches, Fentanyl, to be exact (talk about a controlled substance, synthetic heroin). When I pick up her patches at Walgreens every month I have to show ID and sign an inventory. Makes sense to me and I don’t feel that my privacy is being violated.

  7. Rodger, not only do they keep the logs of everyone who buys, but any law enforcement officer can walk into any pharmacy and be shown the books – no subpoena needed (at least according to the pharmacist I talk to).

    Sets a horribly bad precedent, more than anything else.

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