‘Earl’ creator steals jobs from high school drop-outs

Via Defamer: Greg Garcia, millionaire creator of My Name Is Earl, took a job at a fast food restaurant for a month during the writers’ strike. He did not need the money, obviously, but was looking to “reconnect” and for possible show material.

I find this… weird, funny, and weird. Also funny.

What I want to know is: did he put in his 12-20 hours per week on the picket lines?

There are so many possible takes on this. Here’s mine: situation comedy about a millionaire television showrunner who takes a job at a fast food restaurant when times get tough. What’s your take?

8 thoughts on “‘Earl’ creator steals jobs from high school drop-outs”

  1. Annika,
    I wanted to make that point in a recent post that had few comments. This one was it.

    I did, however, forget to write my response to post. It was great that he took a job. Get the creative juices flowin’ for when he goes back to his job. I commend him.

  2. I just don’t get the point in criticizing a blog for content it doesn’t have. It seems crazy to me. We have a Suggest A Story feature — use it! Today I went through all the suggestions and wrote two posts I wouldn’t otherwise have written (they’re scheduled for later). Leaving a comment expressing your distaste in an unrelated post just makes you look petty and I can’t speak for the other authors but it makes me disinclined to listen to you.

  3. Another way to “reconnect” would be to give opportunities to some of the thousands of writers in this city actually working minimum wage jobs to survive.

  4. Diego: Metroblogging authors aren’t assigned posts. Each and everyone chooses what they want to write without any pre-clearance or editorial process whatsoever.
    Alas, if you want to know why the services haven’t been posted about here, you need to ask each and every one of our volunteer writers seperately, and in turn I could ask why you didn’t write about it on your own blog.
    Some authors were likely working all day. Others, like me, may have felt like other blogs and news sites were covering it sufficiently (it was on every news station and online news sites), and didn’t feel I could offer anything substantial to the conversation.
    In all seriousness, its flattering to know you looked to b.la to offer a take on the services. Unfortunately, by the nature of how Metroblogging works not every story will be covered or even mentioned here.
    Please do note that Mack Reed did post about the stand off and shooting where Officer Simmons was killed, and about a fundraiser to help pay for today’s services.
    But as Annika said, if there’s something you’d like to see us cover, feel free to contact me or an author directly, or leave a suggestion in the submit a story box.

  5. I know Garcia claimed (I never saw him, but maybe my sign obstructed my view) to walked the picket lines (this must have been in between filling the fryer with fries and nuggets) and he did blog about the lawyer angles of the contract, etc.

    At least he supported the strike, which is a lot more than some other writers who not only didn’t walk the lines, but did their level best to undercut the WGA leadership and succeeded in ending the strike before it lead to a good contract.

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