Visionary Love Fest This Saturday Night

If you want to spread the love all the way to Saturday night, check out this cool event, Lucent L’Amour.
Which of course translates to a Visionary Love Fest! There is a killer line-up of DJ’s, performance artists, eats and drinks…. sounds like a splendid time to me.

Last Spring I wrote about an amazing weekend I had up in the Santa Barbara area that was put on by the same folks, ‘dolab’. They always have a bitchin’ camp at Burning Man, and the music was absolutely transcendent, so anything they put on, I try and hit.

Lucent L’Amour will be downtown at 613 Imperial St, LA 90021 on Saturday night, Feb. 16th. They are selling tickets at the door for $35 and you gotta be 21 or older to get in. It starts at 9PM and goes til 4…. so wear your dancing shoes and look the part!

7 thoughts on “Visionary Love Fest This Saturday Night”

  1. I wonder if posts like this is why the underground is becoming watered down with non-participants and frat boys. Like you, I’m super psyched for Lucent L’amour, but maybe this post should initiate the public to Burning Man culture just a bit more? This is more than a party, this is a culture/mindset/lifestyle. I can picture the ogling, non-costumed observers already. I know this isn’t in the spirit of “Visionary Love,” but I’m not sure I agree with publicly broadcasting underground events, especially without explaining the participatory nature of our culture.

  2. Lauren- I disagree 110%. Especially on this day devoted to love. It’s all about spreading the love and even if someone doesn’t know about the culture/mindset/lifestyle… they will get the vibe after attending an event like this. I really believe in NOT being exclusionary. Just think what the world would be like if everyone had a vision of living like we do at burning man. Self sufficency, leave no trace, super bliss parties and dancing, being super individualistic, yet being part of a whole. A fucking great world if you ask me. Anyway. My vision is to make the underground overground. It can be mainstream. We just have to make it that way.

  3. Hey Tammara,

    I want to agree with you.

    I try to live the burner lifestyle during the other 51 weeks of the year and like you, agree that burner values influencing the mainstream would make for a better world- one I would also love to live in. And when i go to parties, i sometimes see people converted who totally get it. I also see groups of club-clad douchebags, disrespecting scantily-clad women, littering, and *watching.* I’ve overheard people saying things like “I heard these Burning man chicks are hot and don’t wear much and kind of slutty, that’s why i’m here,” or “I heard i won’t get busted for doing drugs here.” This makes me very uncomfortable and ruins a lot of the vibe that fosters our community.

    I think that your vision is right on, I just have also witnessed a reality at many events that isn’t in line with that vision. I think that if your original post included this vision like your followup comment did, it would have been fantastic to share it. Iwas just bothered by framing as an epic party and not an epic party that’s part of a much larger framework/vision. I’m all about spreading the love, but to the people who are actually going to spread it back!

  4. I see Lauren’s point….and maybe a little more explanation as to who attends would prevent a couple douche-bags from showing, but let’s face it. This is L.A. Douch-bag central. MUCH to my dismay it’s just something we have to deal with if we want to go out. That’s why my wife and I try to stick to the gay clubs…more dancing less *watching*. I HATE when they do that!!! }:-O

    But I’m sooo happy that Tammara posted this b/c I didn’t know about it! I’m really excited. Hope I can talk the wifey into droppin’ $70 for a GRRREAT time!

    (BTW…what would be the appropriate dress?? I’m sadly a Burning Man virgin) :-(

  5. Lauren~Lucen’t hasn’t even happened yet so how would you even be able to say that last year’s was better?
    do lab does not produce just “underground parties” and burningman attire is NOT required.
    i think what they are ultimately trying to do is spread the word of an unkown culture to everyone. not just single it out to “burners”. if i may say so, the creators of the do lab go to burningman and these so called “underground” event, but it’s to get inspired and transpire. attire is dress fancy, swanky, get jazzed out! rock and roll! strut your stuff. i’m pretty sure fuzzy pink faux fur is NOT required and will definitely NOT BE MISSED.

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