RIP David Groh

Readers of a certain age will recall the TV show Rhoda (spun off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show). She was a famous single working woman in New York in the 70’s. She had a neurotic sister and crazy mother and a famous doorman we never saw. She fell in love with Joe and her singleton days were over. They got married and it was one of the biggest television events in history.

Joe was played by David Groh and Mr. Groh died on Tuesday in Los Angeles. He was 68.

David Groh was born and raised in NYC, attended Brown University where he started acting, then went to London to study further on a Fulbright Scholarship. He worked on Daytime TV then hit it big with Rhoda. He also starred on Broadway and later worked often in television, guest starring on shows like The X-Files, LA Law and Law and Order. In fact, I was watching a L&O rerun last night and there he was. Mr. Groh was a lifetime member of the Actor’s Studio and taught method acting for 20 years at the Strasberg Institute.

More details at the Los Angeles Times.

I’m going to add Rhoda to my Netflix Q.

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