Happy Crappy Valentines Day

At least it seems so for this blue buddy…


I admit (though to some it might have been obvious) that I took advantage of this bummed bear and some meager photoshop skills to add the New England Patriots helmet to this photo that I put up post-Superbowl, but now someone’s turned this glum still-homeless fella around to face the street and the lyrics of Queen’s “Somebody To Love,” and Aretha’s “Rescue Me” come to mind — especially on this day. Should anyone wish to execute a liberation op it’s here on London Street just south of Bellevue in Silver Lake (map).

P.S. For happier insteady of crappier V-Day vibes, here’s my True L.A. story that I posted last year: When Ms. Bomshell Met Mr. Smitten.

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