Former Pasadena Mayoral Candidate sends Holiday Reminder

steakbjFormer Pasadena Mayoral Candidate Aaron Proctor after waxing poetic over the love of his life Kelli on his blog The Adventures of Aaron Proctor had some other important advice. 

Specifically he wrote: “Oh – and too all those “old-school” guys out there not into being sweet to their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, you really should reconsider your actions:  Steak & BJ Day is only one month away.  It’s my favorite holiday.”.  That’s right March 14 is the back handed answer to Valentines day.  Full details HERE. 

Pic courtesy a right click off the Steak and BJ Day home page.

7 thoughts on “Former Pasadena Mayoral Candidate sends Holiday Reminder”

  1. Please, let everyone know that the date for this event must be changed. March 14th always was and always will be π (pi) day… and I don’t know how well pie and steak go together.

  2. Depends on which one balances the best? You need to do it after 3/14 1:59:26AM for it to work best.

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