Casting Notice: Miss Traffic


If you ride the bus or train in L.A., you could be crowned Miss Traffic.

Metro’s clever play on words has already found itself a home on billboards around town. Now they want to put a face with the name. Just tell Metro how you miss traffic by using one of their buses or many subway line (not a typo) in 100 words or less by March 3. If you’re selected as a finalist, you get to appear in a video on Metro’s new interactive page – whatever that is – and the public will vote for the winner.

Metro hasn’t specified that “Miss” means female, so go nuts. This should seal the deal:

All finalists will be honored at a press event and receive an official Metro t-shirt.

Nothing says SoCal like walking the Sunset Strip in a public transportation tee.

Didn’t know Metro had it’s own official T-shirt? Well, they have an entire store chock full of transit fun. You might consider buying a set of Metro Christmas tree ornaments now to avoid the December rush.

Or, what about the handy System Map Commuter Mug? It keeps drinks hot and has a map showing you all the lines you can’t drink on. Brilliant!

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9 thoughts on “Casting Notice: Miss Traffic”

  1. Or better yet, make the buses a way to get to a train or tube station like the rest of the civilized world.

  2. I have no problem with Metro trying to use PR and Marketing to popularize the system, but their attempts are just pathetic sometimes. I mean, c’mon, a pun and a t-shirt? I spend a lot of my time and energy writing a blog to promote Metro and I’m not even interested in this kind of shiz.

  3. Are they fucking insane. You win a video on U-Tube.

    The kids these days, you don’t have to pay them all you have to do is link them, give them a u-tube video, and a t-shirt and they’ll do all kinds of things…



  4. Browne you cracked me up “The kids these days,…” the sad truth behind it is that the parents our generation set them up that way.

    I wonder how much of the precious MTA budget is going into this instead of building a transit that works?

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