Bai Ling Arrested for Shoplifting at LAX

Though I am loathe to spread gossip, for some reason this just made me laugh. Bai Ling was arrested yesterday afternoon for stealing two magazines and two packs of batteries at an airport gift shop. There is something sadly amusing about a wanna-be “celebrity” shoplifting from a wanna-be “store” at the airport.

Best of luck at your court date on March 5, Ms. Ling. We’ll get the “Free Bai” t-shirts printed and be ready for you.

(Photo credited to and used under Creative Commons. I’m not linking to his site as he has some ads that are really not safe for work, though could come in handy on Valentines Day, if you know what I mean…)

7 thoughts on “Bai Ling Arrested for Shoplifting at LAX”

  1. for the love of god, perhaps this will stop her from somehow getting access to EVERY single red carpet event there is. I still can not figure out what in the world she has “done”. rereading that …perhaps i should be asking WHO she has done.

  2. She’s a friend of a friend and, while she’s batshit crazy, she’s actually super nice. Considering that IMDB lists 50+ roles for her, including high profile stuff like Entourage, Sky Captain, Anna and the King, Lord of Dogtown, Episode III, Southland Tales and Lost, I don’t think characterizing her as a Paris Hilton-style “famous for being famous” type is really fair.

  3. No offense to your friend of a friend 5000….but, dont you think after such a large number of one-line and mostly foreign roles she could afford her own batteries and rag mags?

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