True love or axe-murderer?

crazyblinddate.jpgI’m happily married, so this new Russian-roulette dating service isn’t designed for me, but listen:

I just stumbled upon CrazyBlindDate – LA, and I gotta wonder: How many Angelenos who use it will meet the date of their dreams, how many will get stuck with horrible boorish losers who stiff them on the tab? And how many will just catch a good, old-fashioned case of stood up?

Look, they couldn’t make it any easier to meet someone new over coffee: There’s a helpful Google-mashed meeting-spot finder, a scheduler – even an email program that pings you when another poor fool blind dater hooks up with you so you can plan your evening … together.

I mean what could go wrong? Just … maybe one of you adventurous, tattooed, devil-may-care singletons can check this out and report back to us all tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, m’kay?

7 thoughts on “True love or axe-murderer?”

  1. Dunno. I dug in far enough to get a sense of it, but didn’t follow all the way through to see whether there’s a fee.

  2. Ain’t sayin’ this on Valentine’s Eve to be mean or anything, but I’m glad I’m not dating. Must be kind of rough anymore.

  3. @Mack:
    Yes, it’s rough. I would rather have a root canal than try to find/go on a first date. Fun!

    A friend of mine recently said, “I can’t believe how old we’re getting! At least I’m married. How ’bout you? Seeing anyone?” No, but thanks for making me feel so much better about the situation.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. PS– I just read the FAQ on the site. No fee. And, no ads…must be because it’s still in beta.

  5. I met my wife on a dating site…

    it wasn’t on the internet though.

    and it was actually my friend’s birthday party in the desert.

    so um… nevermind.

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