The Mayor Is Going To Take The Bus


Antonio Villaraigosa wants you to “Go Metro with the Mayor.” He is renewing a pledge he made when he was running for office – to take public transportation. V wants all Angelenos to get out of their cars at least once a week, and take Metro buses and trains.

Here’s the fun part from the Daily News:

His work schedule prevents him from using it more frequently…

Really? That sucks. Now you know how the rest of us feel.

David Markland recently suggested that the Mayor and all City Council members should take public transportation to and from their district to City Hall at least one day per week… during peak hours.


  1. What time of day will V be riding the bus?
  2. What will V do when his bus does not arrive on time?
  3. Will Wendy, Tom, Jack and the rest of the gang take the bus, too?

While this is a nice gesture by the Mayor, a bolder step would have been to MANDATE that he and all city council members take Metro to and from work EVERY DAY for ONE WHOLE MONTH. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous and inconvenient. That’s because it is. Welcome to our world.

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9 thoughts on “The Mayor Is Going To Take The Bus”

  1. Nice publicity stunt and I agree…mandate it for their commutes. Ditto “offical business” during the day.

  2. I’m with you. Cut out the limos and gas reimbursements and mandate use of public transport for all city and county officials. Once a week would be a minimum.

  3. I would disagree DB. Daily would be the requirement.

    With the effort behind the green initiatives cities in the SGV, actually all So Cal are coming up with, that is a glaring omission. Especially of the Monrovia City Manager stating repeatedly in various official documents they will “pry us out of our cars” they need to lead by example.

  4. The funny thing at his big press conference a couple weeks ago touting his 10-point AND ENTIRELY BIKELESS transporation agenda wasn’t that the bus he arrived on was late, it was that Mayor V got uppity and actually blamed the bus for his tardiness. As if he thought we’d all believe this was a normal Wilshire bus running on the line and not one that this was specially contracted for the event. What a doof!

  5. Who cares if he rides the bus one day a year or all day long? Do we really need another reason to have a friggin press conference with the useless mayor? Anything to not see his face is fine by me. When is the next election?

  6. I want Roger Snoble the CEO of the MTA to ride the bus. Gov’t officials come and go, corporate fat cats are forever.

    People love scapegoats and forgetting about the guy with the real power.



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