Free Hot Dogs!

Thrillist is giving away coupons for free hot dogs from Skooby’s Hot Dogs. Why?

Umm…Cuz hot dogs are AWESOME!? Duh.

Besides, if your significant other is serious about how Valentine’s Day is not all that, then take him/her for some romantic (free!) hot dogs. It could put them in the mood for more weiner later.

Click here to receive the coupon.

Scooby’s Hot Dogs has two locations:
6654 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
502 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach

Hot DIggity!

10 thoughts on “Free Hot Dogs!”

  1. “It could put them in the mood for more weiner later.”

    I don’t know why this statement pleases me so, but it does. I think my inner 12-year-old is more of an outty.

  2. Skoobys is indeed way fricken better than Pinks.

    But stop tellin’ people! Soon the masses will be Pinkin’ up the Skoobys with their long lines and terrible excuse for french fries.

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