Disney brings back House of the Future

hotfDisneyland is bring back the “House of the future”   This time the house will be more traditional stick and stone construction loaded with the goodies of our future with the help of Microsoft.  No target date for it to open. This should keep the Imagineers in Burbank a bit busier than usual. Should be something to look forward to for the next visit to the house of rat.

Full story at mail.com HERE 

3 thoughts on “Disney brings back House of the Future”

  1. Per the Wikipedia article, “The corporate headquarters of Walt Disney Imagineering are in, and have been since the 1950s, Glendale, California.” Maybe the imagineers take lunch in Burbank?

  2. 1401 Flower St, Glendale…but the paychecks are written from Burbank, and the commisary at Burbank has a little more choice than the one at WDI. :)

  3. Could be, I met him in Burbank for lunch and then a sneak peak, or as much as we could around there.

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