Video of Sunday’s Anonymous Vs. Scientology protest

I previously blogged about the Anonymous Vs. Scientology protest on Sunday dubbed “Project Chanology” and posted a bunch of photos I shot of it. I also took a bunch of video which was just posted on BoingBoingTV. Xeni Jardin narrates:

Also, Matt Schroettnig, a student at The University of Oregon School of Law has written an in depth post about the legality of this whole campaign and what could happen to any members of Anonymous, should be become, well, less than Anonymous.

UPDATE: The above link seems to have been borked because of all the traffic, here’s a link to a cached version.

3 thoughts on “Video of Sunday’s Anonymous Vs. Scientology protest”

  1. Wow…this whole thing is one to make me stop and take a moment to think about it. The video is still awesome with the text to voice to add an edge of forboding.

    Now I wonder more about them. Some 15 years ago I had the misfortune of being a bunch of claims where CoS was the insured whose drivers had accidents all over the LA. They were assigned risk auto customers of my employer.

    Investigating even a single auto claim was a nightmare. Once into the fortress on Sunset it was very, very spooky, more like a bad nazi war movie of ID checks and signatures in and out. I walked away feeling as if I just entered orwell’s 1984 and just glad I got out alive. Since I was the only one to ever make it in to investigate a claim is was a pain when I was given a block of them as each one meant I had to rejump every hurdle they had.

    I wonder how many other people have had problems getting in and out on business with them.

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