3 thoughts on “The Writer’s Strike Officially Over”

  1. I have to tell you — I am really shocked that the vote was so strongly in favor of ending the strike. I heard 92.5% which is much, much higher than I expected. I thought the yeses would carry, but I also thought it would be much closer, more divided. I am so pleased to be wrong! If only the crews would be back tomorrow, too.

  2. To quibble for a second: the strike action is over, meaning that we no longer picket, and people head back to work.

    However, the contract has NOT been voted on yet, and will be voted on in the next ten days. While it’s not likely, it’s always possible that the contract will not be approved by the WGA membership.

    It was odd to me that the vote was tallied so quickly, as I voted at 5:30pm and it seemed like we had return numbers an hour later.

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