The Sublime Wonder of the Black Lips Smacks the El Rey

black%20lips.jpgWe all know Valentine’s Day is a manufactured Hallmark holiday, bland and banal. This is your opportunity to make your Feb. 14th really ~special,~ like, truly really special, maybe in that short-bus way or maybe in that “Where am I, and where are my pants?” morning-after kinda way, or possibly the sort of special feeling you get when the lead guitarist bleeds/pees/raplhs/some other secretion right on you cause you’re in the front row. See? Isn’t that romantic? I sure thought so.

Because the super-fun retro-psych-Ramones-surfpunk-awesome Black Lips (listen on myspace) are bringing their ‘splosive specialness in all its creepy-hugging, mustachioed garage rawk beauty to the El Rey, and the result should be a party that’s off the hook, if not quite all flowers and candy. They’re playing with the Pierced Arrows and Terrible Twos. Something about all these band names rings of traditional V-Day values–lips, arrows, petulant toddlers–and yet it’s all so WRONG.

Or special.

Want tickets? We got us some pairs to give away here, y’all. Comment below telling us what you would do for the ultimate Valentine’s Day date, and NO, just ’cause you say “I would totally go to this show, man!” does NOT mean you’ll get tickets. That’s just sucking up. Be more creative.

4 thoughts on “The Sublime Wonder of the Black Lips Smacks the El Rey”

  1. one would think the perfect date would entail taking one’s beloved to dinner and THEN to the show. but the correct way to spend this particular evening would be exactly the opposite. once they come in and that wayward roundhouse kick and/or bottle lands square in her face, it is gonna take one damn fancy meal to keep that valentine’s day together. does anyone know a really nice place open late?

  2. hop in time machine. travel to jas de bouffan. february 14, 1886. commission c├ęzanne to paint her portrait. intimate that he imbue her cheeks with the same glow possessed by the apples in his still lifes. roll time machine into garage and forget it there forever.

    i’m going to be at lacma on thursday. this show would give me something to do afterwards. won’t need a pair. a single ticket would suffice.

  3. i’d pay my friend henry to break into her house, again
    but this time instead of just messin round her laundry i’d get him to like fuck the whole place up and steal shit
    then when she was all cryin cause her stuff was gone i’d be like ‘it’s cool. cause see when you weren’t looking i backed-up all your computer stuff on my computer. see! it’s right here. especially your pictures.’

    except that i covered up all the faces of other guys and her fat friends.

    then i’d give her a candy heart that says ‘do me’ and it’d be on.

    and i wouldn’t kill her dog.

    can i have two tickets, please?

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