Rose Parade Protester Arraigned

bonerarraignedThe Pasadena Independent reports that actor Andrew Koenig was arraigned today in LA Superior Court in Pasadena for his protest during the Rose Parade.  His action was one of many in an effort to force the Pasadena or the Tournament of Roses to remove the Chinese float.

The best quote in the article: “”The elected president of Burma and Nobel Peace Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, – who has never been allowed to assume authority and remains under house arrest by the military government – was once asked what people outside of Burma could do to help their cause,” said humanitarian Andrew Koenig, who has visited refugees in Burma. “Her response was ‘Use your freedom to promote ours’. So that’s what I did”. 

Koenig is represented by former Pasadena Mayor Bill Paparian, the good guy who did NOT get a “grinch award”.

Koenig as an actor is known by many as “Boner” from the sitcom years back “Growing Pains”.  Note, I showed great restraint and did not use the headline “Boner stands up in Court”.  Too snarky.  This standing up for freedom will be the bigger mark he leaves us with.

Pic from the Pasadena Independent by Terry Miller. 


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  1. Interesting, didn’t know about the Joker bit, but I think his willingness to be arrested to protest human rights violations is something even more note worthy for his CV.

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