Back to work, everyone!

Even though the strike is over, TV production crews (and viewers, of course) are still wondering if their series will return to production any time soon, go hiatus until next season, or disappear completely. E! Online has a developing breakdown of the status of some of the more popular shows, among them:

  • 24: Even though only 12 hours/episodes have been finished so far, producer David Fury says, “I don’t think we’ll see it until 2009.”
  • Battlestar Galactica: Production status is also unclear, but the fourth and final season will likely be divided into two mini-seasons.
  • Big Love: E! hears production will resume in March for airing in the summer.
  • Desperate Housewives: Producer Marc Cherry is eager to cram in seven more episodes by the end of the season, and that it would only take two weeks to get back into production.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Word is that production will resume for new episodes to air in April and May.
  • Heroes: E! reports it won’t return until late summer for an early third season.
  • Lost: Damon Lindelof says: “A game plan should begin to manifest by the end of the week. (We) have every intention of making sure you guys get more episodes this season beyond the eight already completed…””
  • My Name Is Earl: Production is planned to resume in two weeks for an anticipated nine new episodes.
  • The Office: E! hears ten new episodes will be completed this season.

Have any of our readers who work in the biz been called back into work yet?

6 thoughts on “Back to work, everyone!”

  1. I’m dying for some Battlestar! Thank god we get a few episodes of Lost to fill the void.

    Oh, and my guilty pleasure that David failed to mention? How I Met Your Mother…..can’t wait!

  2. Good news to hear about Lost. I was afraid Battlestar might have some problems. Frackkkkkk!!!!

    Wow. I think I just earned my Nerd Card.

  3. what about fx’s “the riches”?
    izzard and driver are worth driving to my mom’s cable-enabled venue for that!

  4. Battlestar and izzard sadly are the only two I knew in the list. Likely because I watch little tv and what I do view tends to be on BBCA mostly.

  5. The Office has several completed scripts from before the strike that went unshot because Greg Daniels, et al., chose not to cross picket lines to film them. Heroes compressed their season into what was aired.

    The sad news for me is that great shows like Friday Night Lights and Chuck that are newer and/or not doing so well in the ratings are likely not to air any new episodes this season, despite not having an episode that works as an adequate finale (FNL) and allegedly having a couple of finished scripts that have not been shot (Chuck). Hopefully there will be more news come PaleyFest time.

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