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Here at, we do have a soft spot for romance. And to prove it, we’re sharing the silly things we do to tell that special someone how much they really mean to us….

Me, I’m actually doing something different this year. I’m not planning anything. I’m taking the Be vs.Do route of the Tao.
However, I’m secretly hoping my significant other, AKA, MFM (my fabulous man) has something adventurous up his sleeve. I’m hoping for a trip to Desert Hot Springs to soak in the warm mineral water there. If not, I have a bottle of champagne on hand, will grill up some rosemary lambchops. And of course there is my famous Key Lime Pie. After that, who knows what can happen?

Helen Jupiter has this up her sleeve:

Most of the fifteen or so years that I’ve been Valentine’s-eligible have found me single or, at the least, hopelessly unattended to, but this year I find myself delightfully overextended. Tonight (Sunday, February 10), I’ll be hanging at the Valentine’s-themed fundraiser for the Amanda Foundation, which I posted about a couple of weeks ago. It’s at Lola’s on Fairfax, and $40 gets you martinis, wine, hors d’oeuvres, tarot readings, a raffle, a silent auction, and of course, the heartwarming knowledge that all proceeds benefit the foundation. On Wednesday night, my intended and I are going to see the St. Petersburg Ballet perform Romeo & Juliet at the Wilshire Theatre, and on the actual day-of, we’ll be partaking in the special, prix fixe Valentine’s dinner at Real Food Daily on La Cienega. Quite the itinerary for a lifelong V-Day naysayer. Whatever you’re doing (or not) for this very silly Hallmark Holiday, I hope you have a heck of a good time.

Frazgo is Chillin’:
Valentines Day is one that passes with little fan fare just a few tiny symbols of the day in my home. For the better half who isn’t a fan of sweets in general does get the one cake she adores for dessert that night. A Maraschino Cherry Cake with French Vanilla Icing. The kids are greeted with their special little card, and keeping with the tradition my Mom started with me, a little sampler box of chocolates.

Why nothing over the top? Simple, we let each other know verbally or through actions we love each other. The kids as they out grew the hug at the school steps came up with their own way to say I love you. Shake hands and give a “double squeeze” that means I love you. That way they can walk into their 5th grade class maintaining their dignity yet tell us we matter. “Double Squeeze” back at all of them all the time.

Ruth 666 is on the run:
The Man and I are making a suicide run out to Palm Springs for Valentine’s Day. Staying in a superswanky, stupidly modern Hotel Zoso for one night, then screaming back home across the desert before anyone even knows we’ve been gone.

Neither of us can be away from work for too long right now, and besides, Valentine’s Day (like the drunks say about New Year’s Eve) is for amateurs. Our plan is simple: A change of scene, a great meal, and some Hotel Sex.

Plus you might as well leave town because you ain’t getting into any decent restaurants here.

From Lucinda Michele:
Having your B-day the day after V-day is kind of crappy, because most years, it’s a double-whammy of “Surprise! You’re single!” coupled with “Surprise! You’re old!” — followed by hysterical, psychotic laughter, much eating of [soy] ice cream, and movie rentals featuring adaptations of Bronte-sister novels. But this year things are not so grim. That said, the BF and myself are skipping V-day activities (can you say “clusterf**k at all the good restaurants? I knew you could!) in favor of going on the 15th, my birthday. You can find us at Grace or Violet.

But I’d rather you didn’t, since we’re all into each other and snuggly and it’s kind of nauseating. I’m just lookin’ out for you, you know?

Emily Banneker:
My boyfriend is hard to shop for. So instead of buying him some cheesy gift, I bought us tickets to go see Russell Peters who is playing February 15th at the Nokia Theatre. I don’t know what he’s getting me; he procrastinates on shopping, but the old lug always does something cute.

As for my dear friends, I made them a mix CD of fiery love songs to get their engines combusting. The packaging is crafty and personalized. It’s a great way to send a heartfelt gift on the cheap.

From David Markland:
One of my first jobs when I moved to L.A. was working at a Westwood flower shop – my mom owned a shop where I also worked growing up – and even after I stopped working there full time I will still help out for a few days around Valentines Day. So, like clock work, this Thursday I’ll be back taking phone orders, delivering arrangements, etc., before I head off for my own date… with a bunch of free flowers to boot!

After work, my lady and I have reservations for Mes Amis, in Los Feliz, a French restaurant owned by some friends she used to work with at Les Deux (before it changed hands and dropped its full restaurant menu). We’ll probably round out the evening in bed… with me on my laptop, and her completing the Times’ Thursday crossword.

Julia Frey

My husband and I are not into Val Day so much, it’s too much pressure. We buy flowers from Trader Joe’s regularly and I’m not really into chocolate (give me a great tres leches cake any day!). Plus we are saving money right now and busy with projects, so going out to dinner on Thursday is not in the plan. However, one of my new year’s resolutions was to cook more from all the great cookbooks we have, so I’m making dinner. One of those cookbooks was given to me years before I met/married my husband. It is called “InterCourses — An Aphrodisiac Cookbook”. The photos in the book are pretty steamy on their own, but I do plan to cook something yummy. I’m considering Pasta With Rosemary Cream Sauce (Rosemary symbolizes remembrance and fidelity for married couples), Honey-Nut Pie for dessert (Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor) and perhaps starting it all off with Asparagus-Prosciutto Rolls (speaks for itself). Oh and maybe red wine or the bottle of Vueve we have in the fridge for special occasions. After dinner? Who knows. Maybe all that sexy food will make us tumble right into bed. Maybe the tivo will call as Lost is on and what the hell is going on with this “Oceanic 6” mumbo-jumbo?!!?!11

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is just a reminder to tell those we love that we love them. Make a Valentine Resolution to not wait until one day out of the year to tell everyone you love how much they mean to you. Sisters, brothers, friends, parents, kids, pets, whoever, tell them every day, or at least try every month on the 14th, not just February.

But what we REALLY want to know is…. what are YOU doing on this day devoted to love?

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  1. My birthday is the day after you and never thought of it as a double whammy. Then again I let most of mine pass quietly anyway.

  2. Hehehe. All your plans sound so fun! I’ve been wanting to spend some time hanging out at a particular Malibu park where I’ve read you can spot whale spouts regularly, along with a BBQ picnic lunch from a restaurant. But that won’t happen Thursday, as we both work nights and will likely take advantage of having Mondays off.

  3. Didn’t get a chance to contribute to this since I was in Vegas over the weekend, but we actually haven’t decided what we’re doing yet. It’s not really a banner holiday for me and the ladyhalf.

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