Best Babysitting Gig Ever.

I started babysitting in 1990 in Woodstock, New York. I made $3 an hour. And I worked for those three bucks! Like, I took care of children.

Demetrius Eugene of Palmdale made $3 million and never cared for a single child. And that $3 million? Taxpayers’ money.

Eugene was the ringleader of a fraud ring that established fake day care facilities and, by preying on welfare recipients to enroll their children in exchange for kickbacks, received government money while never caring for any children. What astonishes me is that Eugene is an employee of the Department of Corrections, and at least one of the fake daycares was operated by a convict serving time for drug trafficking. (OK, that a DOC employee is corrupt sadly does not surprise me, but that a convict can start a daycare center while he is in jail? That surprised me.)

The full story is here. I’m just saying, the last time I babysat (not counting trades with friends) I made $10 an hour and was responsible for a baby. I obviously was doing something wrong.

8 thoughts on “Best Babysitting Gig Ever.”

  1. The scariest part period is the fact a convicted felon could start a daycare regardless of his incarceration status.

    In a way I have to admire their creativity, just imagine what they could do if they decided to work hard within the law.

  2. Actually, praying was spelled properly, but Annika made a grammatical error. The sentence should have read:

    …by praying on for welfare recipients to enroll their children in exchange for kickbacks…

    or something to that effect.

  3. … Demetrius Eugene, 36, of Palmdale, an employee of the California Department of Corporations, who is accused of …

  4. Since when was the Dept of Corrections considered a pinnacle of morality? Also you may want to adjust your wording to indicate these are accusations — nobody has been convicted anything yet.

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