Are Many Paparazzi “Illegal Immigrants”?

Maybe that headline is a bit deceptive. Maybe not.

In a piece about laws the City of Los Angeles is considering to protect “paparazzi targets,” the UK’s Times Online claims:

Los Angeles is experiencing a paparazzi gold rush… Many are young Britons working on tourist visas who claim they are Spears’s last remaining friends.

Working under tourist Visas? Really? Can we kick out and suspend further visits from Brits who break Federal law?

5 thoughts on “Are Many Paparazzi “Illegal Immigrants”?”

  1. I’m going to vote a no on throwing out cute British photographers and if you have a British accent you’re cute regardless of the whole teeth thing.


  2. Can we then discuss how Amy Winehouse gets her visa and permission to come over and perform and be rewarded for her truly heinous life choices?

    US immi law consideres that if you’ve committed acts that would ban you from visa eligibility regardless of whether you’ve been arrested or convicted, you don’t get to come. So why does a women who stumbles around the UK on camera (still and cell phone) smoking, shooting, and snorting every substance imaginable get to come over?

    There are regular Americans with forein spouses or themselves immigrants with kids or other relatives ineligible to come over here for small-time pot busts when they were kids.

    US immi law should change or those administering it should develop some shame.

  3. I agree entirely. When I first heard her Visa was denied, I was happy that at least on this occasion, the law was being handled fairly… but then I was corrected when the decision was reversed. She’s talented, and there are other performers who have been given the gloss over, but fair is fair, and to allow someone in because of fame or money when others who want to come to the US merely to survive are denied, is really shameful.

  4. I thought it was in bad taste to give Amy the recognition she received…she’s a good artist but it may just be this very attention that keeps her in NEED…Natalie Cole, one who would know..spoke out saying that this isn’t the time to glorify Amy…and then Amy sings the song on …”Rehab…no, no”…great message?

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