Midnight Ridazz – Curbside Vidclip

Because I’m an old fogey with certain misconceptions about bike rides involving actually riding bikes, I bailed out early from last night’s Midnight Ridazz, what with all the standing around done at the Silver Lake 7-11 five minutes into the ride and then another extended stay in dank ‘n dark MacArthur Park. After about 30 minutes of that static shit I adjourned to Tommy’s for a doublecheese-extra pickles ‘n tomato and then just grumped on home. Grump grump grump.

But for a brief and shining few moments and miles between those stops, I hauled over to the curb at Griffith Park and Hyperion and put my cam into video mode to get a about a minute of the revelers reveling in their ridazz revelry, while some guy next to me inquired if this was some sort of fixie fiesta:

2 thoughts on “Midnight Ridazz – Curbside Vidclip”

  1. Driving home after an amazing and surreal Korean food experience, I saw that pack of bikes at MacArthur Park. Didn’t look like that many riders were there.

  2. There was a nice-sized turn out at the start that packed the stripmall lot where the 7-11 is at Rowena and Hyperion, but the population seemed to have shrunk considerably by the time I exited.

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