Homeless nest in Silver Lake

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2008/02/homelessnest-thumb.jpgSpotted this morning on the sidewalk outside Gelson’s:

Home: a black sweater with a hairdryer stuffed into it, switched on full-blast.

Food: Raw egg. Bottle of honey.

Think much about how cold it gets at night these days? Nope. You’re likely inside with heat, a stocked fridge, TV and the Web.

9 thoughts on “Homeless nest in Silver Lake”

  1. This is an interesting topic for discussion, Mack. The last 20 years that I was living in L.A., mostly Glendale and Burbank, I was immune to the plight of the homeless. Insulated.

    But after living in S.F. for a year (I’m out of there now) I became immensely empathetic because San Francisco is a more centralized city and the homeless are more in-your-face.

    This dovetails with a bit of fiction I wrote for Carver’s Dog two days ago, “Alabaster Christ”, about a homeless man in Santa Monica.

    Not shilling for hits here, just contributing to the discussion:


  2. Do you know what kind of poor conditions the chickens that bore that egg and the bees that make that honey are put in so we can gorge on the products of their abused lives?

  3. After 15 years in LA, it’s odd to see one homeless guy who hangs out near the McDonald’s at the beach. He’s obviously mentally ill, and doesn’t wander far. But everyone seems to know him.

    Here, he’s more of an amusement than an issue. And even downtown Jacksonville, the waiting line outside the Mission is 8-10 homeless late afternoon.

    Totally different perception and awareness here. Kind of disturbing, actually.

  4. Sorry — sentence got clipped. Should read: “After 15 years in LA, we relocated to Jacksonville Beach, FL, and it’s odd to see…”

    Big thumbs are a curse.

  5. Can I assume your choice of words (“You’re” versus “We’re”) was not intended to accuse/criticize your readers of anything of which you’re not also guilty, even though it kinda comes across that way?

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