The Mechanic Checked Half My Car

carwash.jpgI had a WTF moment at the Fashion Square Car Wash on Woodman, in Sherman Oaks today. I stopped by to get the free car wash that comes with a $23.99 oil change, which involves a 22-point inspection. When I asked if the mechanic had checked the tire pressure, the supervisor’s reply was fascinating.

“Oh. He only checked the tires on one side of the car. He’ll go back out and do the other.”


2 thoughts on “The Mechanic Checked Half My Car”

  1. If you’ve ever known anyone who worked at one of those places, or you are friends with your mechanic (which is crucial in this town), you’ll know that you the quick oil change places can be hazardous to your vehicle. You’ve never seen the TV news investigations? The oil change is just trying to upsell you other services that they won’t do to manufacturer recommended standards.

    Find yourself a good independent mechanic, love him, care for him, and send him birthday presents and Christmas cards. Oil changes are like “check-ups” – hopefully when you go in every few thousand miles, he’ll catch any other issues, and you’ll trust him to not try to rip you off.

    Mobil 1 full synthetic all the way baby. They never even HEARD of 0-W40 at Jiffy Lube.

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