Metro Marketing Needs Help


Yeah, seriously. That’s what they are spending money on to try and get you to ride Metro. Are you convinced? Do you have this weird feeling that you’d look so much better walking out of a subway? If they want to flex the attractive angle, I suggest following the lead of the metro lines in Berlin that are currently running a campaign which suggests hot German girls will dream of making out with you if you ride the trains. Or, and this is a total crazy idea, maybe spend less on dumb ass ads and run more than one car an hour after 7pm so that people can actually use the damn thing.

4 thoughts on “Metro Marketing Needs Help”

  1. i really enjoy taking the redline from the valley to the east side and hollywood. it would be a perfect method of transportation for a night of drinkin… except for the fact that the last train goes at about 12:30am.

    hey metro, since you know last call is 2am, why not run the trains until 3am? i’m sure you’d be taking a LOT of drunk drivers off the road. i’d happily take the redline home at night if that were the case.

  2. Even better was the in-house MTA ad I was subjected to countless times as part of a looping news/entertainment package served-up onboard the No. 439 bus from Westchester to Union Station a couple weeks ago.

    It starts off nice enough with a cyclist riding on a street and it segues to said cyclist on the Orange Line Bikeway pacing a bus and I’m thinking “Cool that the MTA’s promoting cycling!”

    Nah, it’s promoting that all cyclists are the suck because just as I’m getting all misty-eyed and wistful that the MTA’s finally doing something right it all goes wrong showing the cyclist blatantly running a red light into the oncoming path of a vehicle. Then instead of the moneyshot impact the spot cuts away to some sort of “obey the fucking laws you idiot biking bastards” message… except maybe without the expletives and stuff.

    So yeah, besides representing cyclists as stupid law breakers, the MTA is targeting bus riders with this propaganda? Now THAT’s money well spent, I’m sure.

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