LA Green Drinks Event Tomorrow Night (Feb. 7)


LA Green Drinks sponsors an evening of Green talk and drinks every Thursday at a different spot in LA. Tomorrow night’s event will be held at Livingreen in Culver City.

The evening starts at 7pm and is a casual way to meet fellow greenies as well as learn about sustainable beverages as well as other events around town. The $5 suggested donation goes to Sustainable Works, a non-profit group that teaches you how to get more green your life. They also consult with businesses to show them how to reduce waste, buy non-toxic products and save money by being green.

10000 Culver Boulevard
Culver City

Thanks to Ideal Bite for the heads up.

One thought on “LA Green Drinks Event Tomorrow Night (Feb. 7)”

  1. Funny, but my Mom’s expression for having to much to drink was “green at the gills”…somehow drinking and being green have a bad connotation for me

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