I Am A Provisional Voter


This is totally embarrassing. It’s elementary school all over again, where all the other kids are playing with Transformers and I am stuck with some Gobot. I know that I belong, but I am being treated like an outcast. I even called ahead of time to make sure that I was registered. The L.A. County Registrar’s office said yes. But, there was no proof of my existence at my polling location.

Bastards. Damn you, California. How dare you make me use the pink “provisional ballot.” DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!??!!!!!!

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  1. Good for you. Damn them to hell!!!!!
    It makes me mad when a citizen gets his or her power taken from them by the mess ups in Los Angeles.

    I hope my vote counted. I registered on the last day and the voter guide got here two days ago with my new affiliation on it.

    It looks like people are doing their best to do their duty. God bless all of you who voted. It is a good day for me when there is a high voter turnout.

  2. They dropped the ball on some of my friends and me. We all registered to receive absentee ballots and none of us received them. Instead, we got the booklet telling us to go to our polling places in our respective communities. We totally would, expect for the fact that we’re not in the state right now.

  3. The volunteer I had at my polling place was not that bright. She started flipping through the pages in her book and she went right past my name. “You’re not here, you’ll need to do a provisional ballot,” she said. I told her she passed my name, and to go back. So she does, and then she follows the wrong line and while looking at the name above mine says “Oh, you’re ballot was mailed to you, you can’t vote again.” So then I had to tell her to read the correct line.

    Last year I had to do the provisional ballot. I had submitted my voter registration after a move in summer 2006, it still had not been processed when I went to vote *7 months later*….

  4. Provisional ballots still go into the box and are still counted in many races. If they don’t get counted, it is because the margin between whatever the choices are, outnumbers the number of provisional ballots to be counted. Or they get counted no matter what. Can depend on the jurisdiction.

    Your vote always counts in the philosophical sense, because there is always (see 2000 and 2004) a case in which the margin is that small. But don’t use it as an excuse to skip voting because you’re pissed. You got your ballot. You voted. That is good. And all is cool in the world.

  5. Similar problem with me. I received the official letter from the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk stating they had received my new registration (I moved). It listed the new polling location and even the color of the table I should go to (orange), yet my name was not on the list. So I get a Provisional Ballot, what else can I do, right? But what’s worse, and what I didn’t really think through until after I left (it was 7:30am) was that I am registered Non-Partisan, but when I asked to vote for the Democratic primary (an option in CA), they took my NP ballot gave me the Democrat ballot and I think she even changed the declaration on my Provisional Ballot to Democrat. I am 99% sure I was supposed to have used the NP ballot in the Democrat voting booth. Another vote down the drain.

  6. In the 8 years since the Florida debacle, we have learned nothing. One would think a nationally standardized voting system would have been adopted by now.

  7. Jason:

    It takes the county about 40 days to count provisional ballots, but they will all be counted. They were supposed to give you a slip at your polling place with a number you can call next month to verify whether your vote indeed counted. (800) 481-8683


    The clerk wasn’t supposed to give you a Democratic ballot, but your vote will still count.

  8. We do not need a national standard. Do you really want an organization like FEMA to oversee the process. Please no! Keep it as local as possible. I’m glad I did not run into the problems other ‘decline to state’rs did.

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