WGA, AMPTP to kiss and make up?

Is the months-long Writers’ Guild strike against the major studios actually headed for a settlement this week?

Maybe so. Unnamed sources are mumbling to the Times and Nikki Finke that the writers and producers may have hacked out agreements on the biggest chunks of their disagreement over whether writers deserve a cut of revenue earned from H’wood content posted online.

About damn time. And let’s hope the guild didn’t have to bend over too far to make everyone feel happy in time for the Oscars. I can think of far better things to cave over.

FWIW, United Hollywood, the unofficial strike-tracking blog, is counseling against over-exuberance.

3 thoughts on “WGA, AMPTP to kiss and make up?”

  1. I feel pretty good about this. I think the Oscar timing may be a minute part of the equation, but not for any other reason than to appease advertisers.

    The bigger problem here is that TV ratings are beginning to nosedive as a direct reaction to repeats and reality overload. The TV moguls are fearing for their jobs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple are canned in the wake of the strike.

    Anyway, I’ll be very happy when a contract is signed. I need a freakin’ job.

  2. I thought that Nikki Finke’s Deadline is the unofficial strike tracking blog?

    Nikki Finke is so awesome. I initially didn’t even care about the strike until I started getting obsessed with that blog.


  3. Geez, I hope not, as the on-going strike is a contributor of a good twenty percent of the posts on this site. At least Spears will be in at UCLA for another two weeks.

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