The Readers Strike Back!

Our five most popular comment threads in the past 7 days: Prop S Conspiracy unveiled; Are bloggers media?; More Yart, Please; L.A. is full of pussies; Britney’s cost on Angelenos.

The Prop S Jig Is Up!  Sean Bonner “confesses” to Joseph Mailander that the secret network of hip L.A. bloggers has conspired to not talk about Prop S. Hilarity ensues.

Tell me LA: Is a “Blogger” media?: A hired public information author tries to avoid giving information to Frazgo because they believe he’s an advocate, and thus not possibly media. Hilarity ensues.

Too Much Yart Is Never Enough: Will Campbell snaps a pic of a yard with more than enough decorations to make Pee-Wee ashamed. Hilarity ensues.

Where the Men Still Aren’t: Cutter says all the guys who wouldn’t go see Rambo with him on opening day are pussies. Hilarity ensues.

Britney Spears is Spending Your Hard Earned Money: Brit-Brit’s convoy to the hospital likely cost more than whatever revenue Prop S will ever bring in. Hilarity ensues.