“Lost” in Los Angeles

Maintainence crews for this Oceanic Air billboard on the Sunset Strip have been kept busy as new graffiti appears frequently. Does anyone know what else has been spraypainted up there? photo by btmeacham.

What better way for season 4 of “Lost” to kickoff than with a car chase through Los Angeles? Yeah, yeah – I probably shouldn’t think twice whenever a movie or TV show uses Los Angeles as a location, but my fanatacism renders me starstruck whenever I spot my favorite TV show mentioning or taking place in my adopted home.

Los Angeles is of particular importance to “Lost” because it was the planned destination for the doomed Oceanic Air flight 815 from Sydney, Australia. The plane crashed in mid-2004, killing 318 passengers. Six, miraculously, survived, including an L.A. resident who had previously won a multi-million dollar lotto jackpot and a local doctor who, ironically, was escorting his deceased’s father’s casket when the disaster occurred. Among the not so lucky residents were a former female cop, and a brother and sister from Malibu.

More “Lost” connections to L.A. from Lostpedia:

  • Was the planned final destination of Flight 815.
  • It is the home of Jack and Hurley.
  • Zack and Emma are supposed to meet their mother here.
  • St. Sebastian Hospital is located here.
  • The stadium where Desmond said goodbye to Penelope and later met Jack is located here.
  • Richard Malkin gave Claire plane tickets to meet prospective adoptive parents here. They are’t supposed to be strangers, and good people.
  • Ana-Lucia and Teresa Cortez work for the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • Mandrake Wig missed a flight that was to go from Australia to his home in LA, one which was said to have never made it to its destination.
  • The airport where Ana-Lucia was working for the TSA, and met Christian Shephard; not specified by name, but presumably LAX.
  • The airport where Jack and Kate met in the flashforward of “Through the Looking Glass”, is presumably LAX.

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  1. TV shows and movies are important but not the most important thing right now. LA, you have a chance to make a difference in the Presidental campaign, for real. Get out there and vote for Obama if you truly believe we can change our government.

  2. LOL…G it is tacky and I’m kind of surprised to see an Obama supporter do it. I’ve only seen Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton supporters do this. Lord knows I have to clean up the campaign spam from both candidates on my own blog a lot.

  3. Can we have a lost post weekly? how bout hourly? i prefer my life to be ALL lost ALL the time while it is on the air.
    seriously. i’m not kidding here people. especially with these flash forwards i’m thinking we could find a connection to L.A. every week!

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