Lakers Go for the Gusto with Gasol

One thing about the Lakers, they are full of surprises. Hot Damn!
Yesterday, Kwame Brown and Jaaris Crittenton got traded for Pau Gasol, a seven footer from Memphis. Wow.

I have to say, I’m gonna miss Kwame. Even though he had been a little off lately, I liked him. I’m a sentimental girl and get attached to these players. After all, they are ALL superstars.

Anyway, now supposedly the Lakers will be invincible with two 7 foot giants up front, once Andrew Bynum gets back on the court. Should be a good end of season and an amazing run in the next few years with this line-up. Do I smell a championship?

One thought on “Lakers Go for the Gusto with Gasol”

  1. Sorry tammara but Kwame hasnt been “off lately” he’s been utterly horrendous pretty much since he was drafted. I’m sadder to see Crittenton go, at least he showed some potential. Good riddance Kwame and welcome to LA Gasol!

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