Art for the late, late night crowd in Monrovia


Nearly 3 years ago, Kathy Reece owner of the Aztec Hotel took a short time out from her busy restoration to offer the Monrovia Art Festival Association the chance to have a member gallery at the hotel.  The offer was too good to pass up as it included prime window space on Foothill Boulevard. All at no charge for the space. MAFA jumped at the chance to have their own gallery again.

The “Art at the Aztec Gallery” has slowly morphed from a cooperative gallery to an active learning and teaching studio.  The latest addition to the gallery was an expansion to the front lobby of the Historic Aztec Hotel .  It is now open nightly until 1AM.  If you find that piece that matches your soul you can even purchase it at through the front desk of the hotel.  In the wee hours you stand a good chance of seeing the ghost of the Aztec that I wrote about HERE last fall.

For art lesson information you may write MAFA directly at [email protected]  The Aztec Hotel is located at 311 W. Foothill Boulevard, Monrovia CA 91016. The main phone is 626-358-3231.


Pic by me with the trusty phonecam.  A bit of disclosure I am an active member of MAFA, but do not have any pieces at this gallery.