City Council Takes Action!

Having solved all the problems facing Los Angeles, including a useless mass transit system, too many pot holes in our streets to count, crumbling infrastructure in our underperforming schools, rampant gang violence everywhere and graffiti polluting all of our once beautiful murals, our esteemed Los Angeles City Council has finally tackled the issue that we Angelenos have been begging them to address since . . . never.

On a vote of 10-1, the Los Angeles City Council voted to force all pet owners in Los Angeles to have their pet spayed or neutered by the time they are four months old.

The bill must get a second reading in a week, but it is expected to pass. A parade of supporters and opponents of the bill spoke passionately to the council, but in the end, the measure passed, with the sole dissenter being Councilman Bill Rosendahl. He told the council that he was an animal lover, but he professed outrage at the thought of animal control officers knocking on the doors of people’s homes, calling it a “fascist-like” move.

The city has said enforcement of the measure, which affects dogs and cats, will be very low key.

As you can imagine, Bob Barker is ecstatic.

“Mandatory spay-neuter is a necessity,” said former game show host Bob Barker, who has donated millions to subsidize the sterilization procedure. “For decades I closed every ‘Price Is Right’ urging viewers to have their pets spayed. . . . I’d like to think all of us working together would be enough. But it’s not enough. We need legislation.”

I love my pets, I agree that it’s important to control the pet population, but I completely disagree with this action by the City Council. How will this be enforced? Who will pay to enforce it? Last time I checked, our city wasn’t exactly swimming in budgetary surpluses. They say that it will be “low key” which leads me to believe that this is “feel good” legislation (that’s actually quite intrusive) that will be arbitrarily enforced, if it’s enforced at all.

Hey, city council! Great job, guys! Now that you’ve tackled this tough issue, how about getting to work on making the MTA useful?

5 thoughts on “City Council Takes Action!”

  1. maybe they can get back to voting on resolutions about ending the war in iraq.

    why four months? some of the reading i’ve done on neutering of dogs suggests that the commonly recommended age is six months.

  2. Pathetic.

    2nd Largest city in America and not a single decent leader. I cant wait to get rid of Tony. He’s only good for having affairs, stumping for hill-dog, and trying to raise taxes by “reducing” them. Must be nice to be king.

  3. Good. I like this measure. For years I’ve wished there was mandatory spay/neuter laws. Too many people are irresponsible pet owners and too many dogs/cats go unwanted in shelters.

  4. our esteemed Los Angeles City Council has finally tackled the issue that we Angelenos have been begging them to address since . . . never.

    You’re absolutely entitled to disagree with the measure, but I don’t think it’s demonstrates much familiarity with the debate to make it out to be non-issue. While it might not have been on your radar, there’s a sizable portion of the population to whom this is a very important concern. Me, for example. In fact, I’d place it above graffiti abatement on my list of priorities. Considering I’m the type of person that drives around the neighborhood noting addresses to file graffiti removal requests for, I think that’s saying something.

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