Archiving Angeles (AA): The Voting Machine


Days before the election, Deputy Registrar John C. Haston instructs Mrs. Lucile Martin how to use one of the new lever-operated voting machines. The new devices are to be used in 14 precincts throughout Los Angeles, eliminating “hours of tedious counting for thousands of election workers.”

It was progress for democracy.

The year was 1930.

Photo from the Los Angeles Public Library

3 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): The Voting Machine”

  1. I was kinda freaked out when I voted for the first time Pennsylvania when I was in grad school. I was used to the California punch card system. They had the old fashioned lever system still. Quite intimidating, but pretty hard to mistake who you’re voting for. (Much bigger levers than shown in this photo.)

  2. I know they still use the old lever machines in New York City also. Does anyone know if they still use these out here?

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