This could happen anywhere, even in Westwood

So I’ve been receiving the LAFD Alerts for a while and appreciate getting notifications in my inbox about stuff going on around the city.

If you’re in the Westwood area, you should definitely follow the UCPD (UCLA Police Department) Crime Alert Bulletins:

Here’s one from earlier this week:

UCPD Crime Alert

January 28, 2008


At approximately 7:35 a.m., a female UCLA staff member was walking on Westwood Blvd, approaching Weyburn Ave, when an unknown suspect grabbed her from behind and attempted to pull her towards the opposite side of the street. The victim punched the suspect in the face and the suspect released his grip and fled into an awaiting van parked across the street.

Suspect Descriptions
#1: Male, Hispanic, 5’7″/160lbs, approximately 25 yrs, black ski mask, all black clothing, tattoo on top of right hand

#2: Male, Hispanic, all black clothing, black ski mask

Weapon: Physical Force

Suspect vehicle: White, “working van”, tinted windows


The Daily Bruin reports a string of crimes in Westwood recently.

2 thoughts on “This could happen anywhere, even in Westwood”

  1. even in westwood? this is more common in westwood. during my years there at school, i recall several instances of serial rapists and also robberies at gunpoint. i feel safer now in echo park!

  2. IMO westwood is extremely vulnerable .my hypotheses is that the germs in L.A. corperated areas that are south and east of westwood are where the germs are coming from.
    They are looking for easy victims or targets.i.e. students from abroad,females walking alone from late class etc…other citys
    near by do not have any targets on street past 9pm. College campuses are famous for the eccentric hours of activity.Thus,the predators smell blood.
    Also students are considered as” juicy targets” because of hi tek gadgetry they more than likely have in their possesion.same goes for crimes of violence as the victim is more attractive in westwood for all the same reasons aforementioned.

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