Too Much Yart Is Never Enough

Ladies and gentlemen, if there was a competition for Most Overly Decorated Front Yard then it would be with trembling pleasure that I present to you the unanimous winner located on Redondo Boulevard between Washington and the 10 Freeway (click to fill your monitor with scrolltastic enormification):

And yes, there is one gnome.

18 thoughts on “Too Much Yart Is Never Enough”

  1. yart is better than shart. Love the individuals out there, stuff like that is why I will never ever live in an HOA governed community.

  2. Now residing as my desktop wall paper. I have waited for the right photo to come along. SWEET!!!!!! Thanks WC!

  3. This is epic.

    You suppose they have all those bars on their windows and doors to protect them from when the lawn sculptures come alive and try to kill them?

  4. I am dying to know what the inside of this place looks like. ” Paging Huell Howser, Mr. Huell Howser, we have some CA gold for you”.

  5. There’s an impressive collection of yart at a house on Doheny in Beverly Hills (between Wilshire and Burton), perhaps even more impressive for being in Beverly Hills.

  6. Don…that house on Doheny is wild. I have a ton of photos of that place. Location is one thing, but how many life sized brass zoo animals have you seen one yard? One or two at the most. That yard is as small as my yard and they got the whole shebangabang up in there.

  7. This is spectacular. But the Doheny Dr. Zoo yart has nothing on the Statue of David house off 3rd Street… who knows what I’m talking about?

  8. Yes — the David house!! Awesome. Have you noticed that he has named the property…Youngwood? Santa hats on the Davids and fake snow for Xmas. We know his ex-next-door neighbors — and apparently he is the sweetest guy!

  9. I know that house off Third between Rossmore and Highland. It is even more outrageous at xmas. The first time I saw it was 1995 or ’96, perhaps even earlier. That the arc of the statues follows the crescent-shaped driveway is even more outrageous.

  10. Youngwood Court is its own spectacle that goes beyond “Yart.”

    The story is that Norwood Young is the music producer owner of that house who decorated his yard the way he did as a nice “f you” to the neighborhood busybodies.

  11. This post reminds me I need to get a photo of a house nearby. On the tiny (maybe 3’x6′) front porch is an 7′ – 8′ Statue of Liberty. Whether driving north on it’s street or east on Eastern, the statue looks like it’s blocking the front door.

    I just really want to know why it’s there at all.

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