Metroblogging at the CNN Democratic Debate

Throughout the day tomorrow I’ll be posting from CNN’s Spin Room and other locations around the Kodak Theatre where the final Democratic debate will be held before next Tuesday’s primary election. (“other locations” will likely include Ken Davitian’s The Dip restaurant.)

According to David Bohrman, CNN’s Washington bureau chief, management of the Kodak Theatre had “always wanted to have a Presidential debate” at the venue, and what better timing: unless the Writer’s Guild Strike is resolved or they issues the Academy Awards a waiver, the debates could be the most high profile event to be held there this year.

During yesterday’s press walk thru, a Current TV reporter asked Bohrman if he felt the respective locations for the Republican and Democratic debates were filling stereotypes for both parties – the Dems in Hollywood, while tonite’s Republican’s debate will be held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Bohrman, who is also producing both events, acknowledged that especially for the Republicans it certainly seemed to be an image they were running from. He added that he’d have preferred to have both debates in one location but political party leaders had their own ideas.

I bumped into LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick at the walk thru, who wrote afterward about the seating arrangements marked off for Mayor V, Chief Bratton. San Fran Mayor Newsom, among others. I also spotted and introduced myself to KCAL9 newsman Bryan Frank, aka BeFrank. If any other local bloggers or readers will be attending or covering the event, please drop me a line in the comments or via email (unsomnambulist at gmail dot com).

7 thoughts on “Metroblogging at the CNN Democratic Debate”

  1. Hate you. I’ve been working every connection (from party connections to CNN and Kodak theater ones) I’ve had for the last 3 months trying to get in there. I had just never thought of blogging the thing.

  2. Great gig, David! Enjoy it. I worked the 2000 Democratic convention for and AOL. There is such electricity in the air at these events. Have fun!

  3. Interesting and congrats. I’d like to do the Republican one if only to a) enjoy the Regan Library, b)the circus c)the side stepping and distancing from the current president. I suspect in all actuality we may not see a whole lot of campaining for whomever is nominated by this white house given the poll indications of popularity.

    I’ts going to be an interesting year. I just wish I could have a 25 words or less synopsis by the final candidates for election day and crawl under a rock until then. I dislike the politics and spin circus it becomes.

  4. Actually, Fraz, I encourage anyone with even a minor interest in politics or history to visit the Reagan Library – its an awesome museum, although not surprisingly not the most objective. I haven’t been since they brought in a retired Air Force One, but that would only make it cooler.

    Fabooj, don’t be a hater. And, indeed, Edwards did drop out. I’m predicting he’ll be appearing on someone’s ticket as VP.

  5. Well, since Lost comes on tonight, I didn’t want to go [sob] anyway [sniff]. And the Kodak Theatre probably smells. And if Wolf Blather is the host, then I’d rather clean my ears with toenails. So, so, so there! [gaspsobchoke]

    Bet you didn’t know I could Act!

  6. Fabooj, to be totally honest, I thought twice about doing this since Lost premieres tonite… then I realized the debate will be over by 7, and Lost isn’t on til 9!

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