How can you beat this backdrop?


While they won’t be able to move the Air Force One into the Kodak Theatre for tomorrow night’s Democratic debate, CNN will be moving the desks. 

After the jump, a few select stills from the site of today’s debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, courtesy CNN.

crewguy.jpg cnnsetreagan.jpg
Crew guys never get enough press coverage – this one deserves credit for trying to figure out how to assemble the Ikea-like desk. Hope he brought more than a Phillips-head.

anderson_nancy.jpg republicansCNN.jpg
At left, former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper (right). At right, Mrs. Reagan with the two remaining candidates for the Republican nomination, and two other guys who still think they’re in the race.

all photos by E.M. Pio-Roda ©2008 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “How can you beat this backdrop?”

  1. Watched the debates on CNN. Is it just me or was the final question hurled at all four candidates (“If he were alive, would Reagan endorse you?”)designed to really put them all on the spot? McCain actually had the gumption to compare his policies to Reagan’s, wrapping himself up in the old man’s mantle in front of his widow in the audience, and only Huckabee refused to take the bait.

  2. I appreciate that you went out to the Republican debate, as I have no doubt the Democratic one here in Hollywood will get massive blog coverage.

  3. Yeah, bad question, and Huck was the only one who handled it properly.
    But I don’t think it put them any more on the spot than their choice of debate venue – of course they wanted to be compared to Reagan. Bad question, yes – but not unfair.

  4. Yeah, bad question, and Huck was the only one who handled it properly.

    OMG…I agree with David! ; )

    Yeah, all the Reagan pandering (“foot soldier”….LOL) was a bit much but I thought Huck handled it perfectly…even though he is a holy-rolling nutbag.

    I for one was just pleased that the debate moderators weren’t throwing softball questions at media-darling McCain.

    The audience seemed to be backing Romney for the most part though the requisite PaulNuts appeared to be out in force as well.

    BTW…I’d just like to say thanks for giving us conservatives “equal time” on the blog without any snark.

    That was very classy and much appreciated.

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