Snow Way!

Despite the steep pitch of our Silver Lake roof I didn’t hesitate to climb up there this morning to snap this shot (and declog the leaf- and debris-choked rain gutters — yuck! — while I was at it) of the snow that’s fallen on the San Gabriel range’s lower elevations above La CaƱada-Flintridge. I could be wrong but I believe the tallest peak in the picture (obscured by the cypress tree next door) is that of 5,558-foot Mt. Josephine. And that may be the 5,074-foot summit of Mt. Lukens on the left.

2 thoughts on “Snow Way!”

  1. I was at the Getty most of the day today. The view of the snow capped mountains, with the whole plain of the city below them was awesome. I overheard tons of aging tourists who were totally mystified and amazed by the weather, trying to figure out how the whole beach + palm trees + snow thing works.

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