Vampira Fundraiser Tonight


I mentioned this earlier, but in case you’re looking for the perfect thing to do on this dark and stormy night – the Vista Theater at the crazy mashed-up corner of Virgil/Hillhurst/Sunset and Fountain (thanks for the correction!) will be screening the Ed Wood film Plan 9 From Outer Space tonight at Midnight!

The director of the SBIG filmfest will be donating a portion of the proceeds from tonight’s event to help pay for Vampira’s funeral.

So, please show your support and go see a classic midnight movie for a real good cause!

Oh yeah, the cafe’ next to the theater has a deal where if you shout “Your stupid, stupid minds!” you get a free coffee with every order!

That’s worth the drive alone!

4473 Sunset Drive,
Los Angeles CA 90027

A-HOLES WILL NOTE: I had originally posted that all the proceeds from tonight’s fundraiser would be donated, but it’s a portion as the Vista has overhead that they have to meet. The error was mine, not the Vista’s.

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  1. from one A-HOLE to another: The Vista is where Hollywood terminates at Virgil/Hillhurst/Sunset, which even for the motormorons (I know folk do not walk much in L.A., which is why the SUVs were supersized here three years ago to accommodate the new common girth) is a bit of a drive from where you mistakenly placed it at Vine.

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