An Open Letter to L.A. County Supervisors


Dear Los Angeles County Supervisors:

What exactly do you do?

From reading Wikipedia, I have learned that Los Angeles County has 5 supervisors. This number has been the same since 1920, even though a lot more people live here now. Each of you represents more than 2 million people. They call you the Five Little Kings.

Donnie has been a supervisor since 1996.
Zev has been a supervisor since 1994.
Gloria & Yvonne have been supervisors since 1992.
Mikey has been a supervisor since 1980.

You each have great powers. Powers that can be used for good.

You could have led the charge for a county-wide rail network. Yet, you prohibited the use of local money for tunneling.

You could have established regional services for the homeless. Yet, you allowed cities to keep sending them to Skid Row.

You could have made Los Angeles greener, and banned the use of plastic bags. Yet, you made it voluntary.

So, again, what exactly do you do?


Jason Burns, Taxpayer

“It is not what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.”
– Moliere (1622- 1673)

Photo of King Zev

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to L.A. County Supervisors”

  1. Yep on the County Supervisors not focusing their powers on anything worthwhile. I just wrote a thing the other day on Gloria Molina who is focusing all her power on trying to whitewash a Los Angeles River mural that was approved and had all their permits approved. Stupid shit.

  2. The worst part is that Los Angeles County is the single largest local government entity in the US, larger than New York City in terms of population. Yet they appear to exist in a vacuum.

  3. “But the 90-day study that supervisors promised in April 2007 stretched into nine months, as grocers and retailers weighed in”

    Our tax dollars hard at work!

  4. I remember after the Northridge earthquake, the Santa Monica Freeway actually had carpool lanes while Caltrans repaired the bridges that had collapsed. Zev’s number one priority after the bridges had been repaired, remove those carpool lanes!

    What an ass.

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