Heath Ledger found dead.

heathledger.jpgUPDATED (2:49pm): Heath Ledger, the 28 year old actor next appearing as The Joker in this summer’s “The Dark Knight,” was found dead this afternoon in a Manhattan apartment.

“Signs pointed to a suicide,” according to police sources cited by the New York Times.

Ledger was born on April 4th, 1979 in Perth Australia, and first became known to American audiences in 1999’s “10 Things I Hate About You,” and in 2006 was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in “Brokeback Mountain.” He also played the real life Zephyr Surf Shop owner Skip Engblom in 2005’s “Lords of Dogtown.”

He has a 2 year old daughter with actress Michelle Williams.

photo by Howie Berlin, used under Creative Commons…

16 thoughts on “Heath Ledger found dead.”

  1. Holy shit. I am not normally phased (you know, much) by celebrity deaths, but this totally shocked me. I honestly thought for a second that it was a joke.

  2. This one was very shocking. Currently at CAA where he’s a client, and the news spread like wildfire…

  3. Are there usually this many deaths at the beginning of each year? Maybe I just haven’t noticed them like I have this year?

  4. Wow. In a world where britney and lindsay have 9 lives, a really talented and genuinely good guy dies at 28.

    I echo Annika’s sentiments. I normally don’t give a hoot- but I respected his career and his talent. Very sad.

    Long live Ennis.

  5. “In a world where britney and lindsay have 9 lives, a really talented and genuinely good guy dies at 28.”

    Cannot vouch for whether he was “a genuinely good guy” because I did not know him, but I agree with the rest of the sentiment, Al.

  6. Yesterday was “blue monday” the highest suicide day of the year.
    I know because Dan Rather said so.

    Really sad news my cohorts at work were all shocked and they are not easily swayed by celebrity.

  7. I can’t believe that everyone has already “decided” what’s happened here … most of it reported by the tabloids. I notice that very little has been made that he was being treated for pneumonia at the time as well – that takes a lot of pill bottles and there are such things as deadly drug interactions.

    Don’t forget Jim Henson died suddenly from pneumonia, too, though at twice Ledger’s age.

  8. It is natural, Cybele, when a celebrity dies at a young age for many to reflexively expect the worst — and the empirical evidence, unfortunately, usually supports such thoughts.

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