Fixed Gear Art Show in LA & Berlin

evt-previews-fixedgear-intext02.jpgI forget the day exactly but one night in Mid-December I found myself in a dark bar filled with hackers in Berlin. Upon hearing I was from Los Angeles the girl I was talking to asked me if by any chance I knew about the fixed-gear bike culture there (here). Obviously this sparked a whole new conversation and she told me about an exhibition she was helping with that was taking place concurrently in Los Angeles and Berlin focusing on the visuals and aesthetics of these bikes.

This was totally interesting to me because after riding a bike in some form or another thing thing that drew me to the fixed gear world to begin with was just that, I drooled every time I saw one that someone had taken the time to really focus on the details. We exchanged details and she promised more info when she had it. Well, now she has it and she’s passed it on to me and I’m passing it on to you. Here’s a bit about the join exhbition, the Los Angeles wing of which is taking place at Rogue Status in Venice Feb 2-17. Oh, and it’s called Maxmimal Reduction. Obviously you can ride you bike there if you want, you know I will.

One thought on “Fixed Gear Art Show in LA & Berlin”

  1. I don’t know, I just don’t know. What is it with fixed bikes when gears are so totally rad?! I have to figure out what exactly it is that draws people to fixed bikes.

    In East-Germany we only used to have fixed gear. I always knew there was something the West was so jealous of. :D

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