Nintendo DS Lite in stock at Target in Duarte


This is likely the big news event for the under 15 set.  After 3 weeks of searching for the Nintendo DS Line is some color other than pink at every imaginable store in the area and on line my boys had just about given up hope of ever getting one.  Yesterday we did our weekly look on line and spotted that was showing them in stock at a variety of local stores.  We called to verify as we knew in the past that the “inventory” by store was in error.  Dang…the had them and promised they would be on the shelves at 8AM today. 

No holds allowed so guess what I was doing at 8AM?  Yup hauling a very excited kid to buy the target of their youthful lust…the Nintendo DS Lite in “Onyx”.  Two please as one is for my brother at Astrocamp.

The stock is limited.  Target Duarte had 4 white, 1 Onyx and 6 Pink in stock after we were done shopping.  Check with your local store but it looks like the hot game of the season is rolling back into the stores.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Lite in stock at Target in Duarte”

  1. “Under 15 set” nothing, i’ve been searching for a DS for weeks as well – unfortunately I have my eye on Crimson, so not even Duarte can help me.

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