Apartment owner held liable for hiring suspect in tenant’s killing

Here’s a case that, at least given the bare details, should send chills down the backs of any employer in Los Angeles:

A civil jury has found a Burbank apartment owner and manager liable in the death of a former tenant because they hired a convicted felon and registered sex offender. [Daily News]

A jury issued a $12 million verdict against the apartment management company for hiring a maintainence worker who is a suspect in the 2004 rape and murder of a tenant. The maintainence worker has not been arrested in that particular case, but is serving a 12 year prison term for an act of sexual battery at the same complex in 2005.

The Daily News story has a scant five paragraphs, so I hope there’s some signifigant details they aren’t sharing. But as horrible as the story is, this sounds like anyone who employs an ex-felon or parolee could be held liable for the employee’s crimes.

One thought on “Apartment owner held liable for hiring suspect in tenant’s killing”

  1. Yeah, i thought that was odd too. The article linked above is horrible and left out a KEY point.

    Via google, i found this one… better:

    The key point: The employer didn’t run a background check.

    Still, even if they had run a background check and found he was a felon, it isn’t and should not be illegal to hire a felon. Though i’m not sure, it may be illegal to hire a sex offender to work someplace with access to children (such as an apartment complex)

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