My Beloved Lakers Take a Fall

I love the Lakers. They really reflect Los Angeles well. Superstar athletes, good looks, high drama, super fun…..

But Awwhhh. Just when the Lakers were looking like they might actually make the championship this year, fate intervenes with giving Andrew Bynum a dislocated and bruised knee. Actually, to be precise, after his MRI tests earlier, it seems he suffered a subluxation of the patella and a bone bruise of his left knee. Doctors say he’s gonna be out a minimum of eight weeks.

Damn! They were on fire!
And now this.

I got into watching the Lakers a couple of years ago, actually got dragged kicking and screaming into it, because MFM (my fabulous man) is a huge fan. I never thought I would actually ENJOY watching sports. But there you go, things change.

Anyway, I personally love Bynum. He is so young (youngest player ever drafted into the NBA) and earnest and wow! has he improved this year. He’s definitely a star. Just hope he recovers well. It will be interesting to see how the Lakers hold it together without him. They held it together last night, but just barely…. but they did win! Go Kobe!

Let’s all think healing thoughts for Andrew Bynum….