The Readers Strike Back!

Our top five most commented posts this week: Vampira takes the “un” from undead; local writer goes to prison; illegal aliens scam $444 mil in welfare; Eastside goes beachside; and Ron Paul’s regrettable newsletters.

RIP Vampira, aka Maila Nurmi. Over 45 posts ranging from brief condolences and tributes to personal memories of the legendary late night horror hostess.

LA Courts System Kicks Ass Yet Again. The tale of Arthur columnist Dave Reeves is followed up as the magazine’s editor defends Dave’s actions (and grows annoyed as I try to verify the details of the story).

Illegals costing LA County $444 million in welfare and food stamps. According to the commenters, I’m a racist. Besides the hyperbole, some interesting discussion of the positive and/or negative impact of undocumented workers in the U.S.

Eastside 101: Cry Now, Smile Later. Yet another salvo in the debate over where East L.A. begins by El Chavo! with the help of a comic strip artist and the support of our readers.

Ron Paul newsletter: LA riots ended because blacks went “to pick up their welfare checks.” Some readers think its obvious that Ron Paul is a racist – others think this is spin to distract from the real issues.