End of the Road in Monrovia?

pubboxxfilmHDRtmvp.jpg October Road is out of scripts and yesterday was the last day of taping here in outer Monrovia. Kind of sad to see the last of the written stuff coming to an end. Seeing how Old Town Monrovia was transformed into some mythical town back East was fun.

For the merchants in Old Town the filiming and film crews will be missed. Not so much because they spent a lot in their shops, more so because the studios paid them enough to compensate them for potential lost business during day time shoots, rental fees to use their shops as dressing rooms or sets which helped during the tough summer season. (Let’s face it…no one walks outside when it is 105+ so that little big helped some make it this summer). I’ve heard different bits tossed about that the city made some 250K in various fees, permits and location rentals. That is a nice bit added to our treasury especially in light of potential funding cuts coming out of Sac.

With all this wrapping up Monrovia can be added in as one more community taking a financial loss for the ongoing writers strike. Not to mention people like my friend Shane whose limo business took a loss with the cancelled Golden Globe hires. My cousin Jill, an actor who is watching potential jobs dwindle. And of course who knows how many people taking a hit because they work as film crews doing other stuff.

With luck that may end soon. I caught this bit on mail.com titled Directors Will Begin Talks With Studios ran a bit ago. Short is that the union representing the directors and studios could be meeting as early as tomorrow to discuss their own contracts which could affect the writers guild talks. If the directors make a quick agreement the article opines that it could undercut the strength of the writers.

pic by me, get’s bigger with a quick stroke. Shot bracketed and post processed to create an HDR file then tonemapped and run through virtual photographer. Yup….kinda different but it is what I do.

5 thoughts on “End of the Road in Monrovia?”

  1. Hah, I know Mack, he used to live across the street from me, now Shane is there. Both are really good guys.
    Never know when paths cross.

  2. Heard movie Seventeen with Zac Efron and Matt Perry filmed in monrovia, last day was tuesday Jan. 15th, any info?

  3. Thanks for the comment.
    Yes, I heard it was filming in town, I just didn’t get down there while they were shooting.
    Sometimes the city managers report lists what is filming this is what they had to say on the topic:
    “Filming. Avery Pix, Inc. will be filming scenes for a feature film titled “Seventeen” starring Zac Efron and Matthew Perry at Scoops, 120 E. Lemon on Tuesday, January 15 from 6 a.m. to midnight. They will be filming interior scenes, but will have equipment in front of and across the street from the location. On that same day they will also film driving scenes on the 210 Freeway. “

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